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The New Cervical Screening Program. What's Changed.

Welcome to Western Women’s Pathology.

Headed up by directors, Dr Adeline Tan and Professor Colin Stewart, WWP is staffed by a team of highly skilled histopathologists and cytopathologists who bring a wealth of experience in all areas of women’s pathology. This team of specialists also have ThinPrep® certification in cytology.

The new Cervical Cancer Screening

Better protection, less testing.

On 1st December 2017, the 2 yearly Pap smear has been replaced by 5 yearly cervical screening

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Gynaecological and breast pathology services.

  • Histopathology reported by our specialist team.
  • Synoptic reporting according to RCPA colleage and international reporting guidelines.
  • Macroscopic and microscopic images available for review.
  • Adjunctive pathology tests.
  • Microbiology nucleic acid testing (STI screening including M.genitalium).
  • ThinPrep® liquid based cytology and reliable high-risk HPV testing (COBAS 6800 HPV assay).
  • All abnormal findings reported by specialised cytopathologists with ThinPrep® certification.
  • Pap test results with recommendations based on the Renewed Cervical Screening Program.
  • Cytology and histology results are correlated.
  • Fine needle biopsies.
  • Frozen sections and sentinel node reporting.
  • BRCA testing.

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Obstetric pathology services.

  • Generation® and Generation Plus® (Non-invasive Prenatal Test).
  • First trimester and second trimester screening test.
  • Glucose tolerance testing (OGGT).
  • Parentage / Immigration DNA Identification testing service.
  • Placental histopathology.
  • Foetal Fibronectin (fFn) testing - available late 2018.

Generation - NIPT
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